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We conduct foal behavioural research in partnership with tertiary institutions in both New Zealand and abroad, conducting on-farm research and presenting to international audiences.

At Foal NZ, we are continuously conducting foal behavioural research. We strive to understand the behaviour of horses in an effort to improve their welfare and performance both on and off the track.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of foal behavioural research worldwide. Our team is motivated in our learning, both to further refine the processes we use, and to ensure we are delivering the latest information to others.

To achieve this, we are continually researching, trialling and presenting our work.

The Foal NZ team has access to a very large study group and can trial our findings in a commercial environment.  


Our previous research has explored areas such as the learning ability of foals. We have measured the foundation behaviours and how long it took each foal to learn these. Results are extremely interesting. These show there is no bias towards colts or fillies. Some foals took twice as long to learn as others.

Our past public presentations include the International Society for Equitation Science in France and Australia, Equidays and the development of NZQA papers in New Zealand, Equitana in Australia, and the Monty Roberts International Instructor Forum and online university in America.

We are always open to collaborating with institutions. We have access to a large quantity of virtually unhandled foals, experienced people and are always interested to see what we can discover.

Research with KU Leuven University

We are collaborating with KU Leuven University to measure the emotional states and interaction of mares and foals during training. Deborah Piette, PhD student, of the M3-BIORES research study team at KU Leuven, has developed new algorithms for wearable technology to monitor horses’ stress levels while under saddle in a reliable and objective way.

Research partners